Let me explain a little of the background then I’ll tell you why photography of YOUR business can easily pay for itself many times over.

Photographs can convey a very powerful message and that’s why their use is so widespread. Words are important but when it’s said that “a photograph can speak a thousand words”, it’s simply because a viewer can see for themselves something that can be very difficult to explain. No matter how good a description is, it’s not the same as seeing for yourself!

Many people love photographs because they contain memories. They also use them to gain an impression of who or what they have in mind to do business with, and the like. Photographs offer the chance to make a really good first impression!

An experienced photographer brings a lot of expertise and knowledge. They will help you to bring out YOUR unique story and by sharing it in the right way, you can attract the attention of an audience you wouldn’t otherwise reach.

Everyone and every business has its own story and each has benefits to offer its clients or customers.

There’s a very simple fact that I came to realise many years ago… If I don’t tell people who I am and what I offer, no-one else will! It’s an undeniable truth that YOU are in the best position to tell YOUR story and to help others understand what it is you can do for them that will be of benefit. Others may recommend you or pass on the word about you BUT without you making the most effort to spread your message, it’ll soon fade.

You can use Stock Photography on your website and social media and it may seem like an easy fix. A few images that relate to your industry or area of expertise and that’s that, isn’t it? Straight answer? No! The main point is being missed. Telling YOUR individual story is much easier and much more personal and powerful when you take a starring role!! YOUR business and YOUR people should be in frame.

Marketing who and where you are and what you do for the benefit of others is actually pretty straightforward, if you plan it right. It also resonates if you personalise your photography because people are keen to know the real you. They don’t need an impersonal approximation of who or where you might be or what looks similar to what you do or produce.

If you have news, an award, new activity, a contract win, an expansion, or anything else that could be of interest to others, a press release, website or social media post without accompanying photographs would surely be unthinkable? It certainly would have far less impact.

There’s nothing wrong with telling people your story but I’d guard against doing it in a “salesy” way. Instead, educate or inform. Be helpful and offer something of value (even if it’s simply a piece of useful information) when you share.

A series of photographs can fuel a number of social media and website posts, any one of which can easily make the time taken for a shoot, very much worthwhile! And there are many good reasons to wish to keep an audience up to date and aware of what you and your business are doing.

When others know that you’re busy, developing and keen to produce valuable products or services, they’re more likely to be interested in your message. Being known for sharing helpful, informative, even humorous, content, will intrigue and attract.

Many businesses have become expert at building a large number of followers due to their regular use of social media and the like. Their audience comes to expect a high standard of online posted material and, of course, with practice, such businesses (or individuals) have learned what their audience wants to hear and see from them.

Opportunities for online marketing are vast and even a relative newcomer to the varied popular platforms have lots to offer, if they’ll simply take the plunge and join those who share – and search for – interesting information.

Like anything that’s worth having, posting to a website or to social media comes at a price. But it needn’t be expensive. Since we’ve established that you and your business has something to say and there’s good reason to do so, posting is something you can do for yourself. That doesn’t mean it costs nothing, of course. Although it can simply be a matter of time and effort – which, with a plan and a purpose, can be easier and less involved with a little practice and commitment.

As an alternative to posting content on your own, or with employees, for example, you could feed material to someone you pay to post on your behalf. It can be very cost-effective to do this because if you find an expert you can trust to post on your behalf, they, like other specialists, will be able to work with you in a very efficient way. In the same way you outsource many other tasks in your business, with the right expertise comes the skills to do a job efficiently and more easily.